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Lake Berryessa Night Trip 05-25-2020

Slowly but surely the night bite is getting better out on the lake. Granted the Lake was a zoo all day from the Memorial Day traffic so that may have had something to do with it, but my buddy Joey and I were able to put together a decent limit on this particular evening. We launched out of Capell at 600 PM and fished till Midnight. We started in the Same area as my last night trip, over on Vineyards side near Gosling Canyon. I Started With a Fluke and Joey with the Underspin, The conditions were different from the last time out. We had some wind blowing strong out of the south west and the water was turned up from the memorial day boat traffic creating a mud line so it made sense that five casts in Joey hooks up on the Underspin with a decent 3 pounder. not long after that fish I hook up on the fluke and bring in an almost 4 1/2 pound fish.

With a solid start into the evening we fished the rest of the area picking up 1-2 pound bass then made a move up North. We once again found more of the same bite, Catching 1-2 pound bass on Flukes and Underspins. Then as the Sun got lower we were able to get a few on a popper in the back of some brush filled pockets. As the sun went down and the wind died, we picked up our Chatterbaits and with the light failing we stumbled upon one of those magical numbers spots, first I hooked up with a healthy 2 pounder then Joey hooked up with a 3 pounder, we brought those fish in and continued cast after cast for about 45 mins pulling in 1-3 pound largies doubling up 3 or 4 times. These fish were straight eating I mean a couple of times they ate it right when I would cast it out on the fall. It was insane. but just as fast as the bite came it died and we were left looking for new water again. So at about 10 PM we made our run down to Smittle Creek and running with the pattern of trying to concentrate on points with brush and we were able to replicate the bite. Down in Smittle we were able to pick up 15-20 fish total all on Chatterbaits in less than 20 feet. Just slow rolling them near the bottom. We stayed in Smittle the rest of the night and finished with almost 17 pounds for 5. Not a huge sack but we caught 40-50 fish and some better sized ones compared to my previous trips out. These last few nights have been really fun out on berry. I think a lot of bass guys can agree with me when I say the night bite gets really good around the holiday weekends like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. I have a few theories but no definitive proof on why. I believe the day time traffic combined with this weeks triple digit temps, as well as the approaching full moon have created a perfect combination for night fishing. I may not have gotten the big bites that night fishing is known for, but I assure you there is a spot somewhere on the lake that has a 30 pound sack right now.. Everyone that's reading this is probably like no S**T there is always a spot like that, Well yeah but what I'm saying is that right now with the way the conditions are aligning. I think right now is a really good time to break your PB even though most of the fish are spawned out and skinnier. A spawned out 12 pounders is still about 9-10 pounds so don't be afraid to get out there for that evening bite and stick a few giants. Until next time keep on Living Fast and Catching Bass.

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