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Lake Berryessa 02-08-2020

Well me and my girlfriend decided to make the trip up to Lake Berryessa on Saturday. we were hoping to find some new spots and get a few fish in the boat before the hurricane force winds came in on Sunday. We launched out Capell Cove at about 12:00, trying to target my recent afternoon bite. We started down south catching a lot of small fish on island tops with a purple and pink drop shot worm. Catie was able to catch one decent one on the drop shot out of about 15ft off the end of steep rock point. we ran to the vineyards as the wind picked up and caught a couple more small fish on underspins and small swimbaits. We then made the run up north fishing some recently productive swimbait spots but we couldn't seem to get the big bite. Catie was playing clean up in the back of the boat with a drop shot or what she refers to as (Mr. Pink Worm). I was able to pick up a couple decent smallies on a jig as the sun went down.

In conclusion my afternoon bite has disappeared which leads me to believe the morning bite is back on. the Full moon may have something to do with that but nothing is ever certain in bass fishing. We caught all of our fish shallow in less than 20ft. the bait we found was suspended in 10-15ft in most places. The surface temp was 54 degrees in around the main lake and as warm as 56 degrees in other areas of the lake. I believe with this warming trend the fishing will only get better but don't get to excited to run up shallow. I'm fairly certain there will be a cold front in the near future that will shut these fish down and have them holding tight to either deep cover or hard bottom areas. As much as I love bass fishing here in California, I'm beyond excited to be traveling to Florida next week to fish the Harris chain lakes and take a guide trip out on Lake Okeechobee. If you are looking to book a trip I will be back in local area by the end of the month. Feel free to Call, Email or DM me to book your trip.

----- Live Fast & Catch Bass.-------

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