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Lake Berryessa 01/25/2020

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I have been really trying to focus on one northern California lake as of lately and that lake is Lake Berryessa. The lake has been producing good quality limits when you can find them, but most anglers are catching 12-15 pounds for 5 fish. I launched at 7 am out of Capell cove and decided to make the run up north to start. It was relatively clear this morning compared to other mornings due to the night time temp only getting down to the mid 40's. Very little wind and surface temp started at 52.9 degree's. I started throwing a Jig and an underspin into 25ft which was good enough to produce 2 healthy winter fish at 3 pounds. I slowed down and was able to catch 4 more smaller fish on a 6 inch morning dawn Roboworm rigged on a drop shot. I moved to my next spot a small area in about 15ft with big chunk rock. Here I was able to pick up two more fish on a jig, one pushing 4 pounds. fished the area for another hour with no luck. I tried some new water for the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon with nothing special to show for it, except for a few small fish on a shakey head. as the day went on it started to warm up I decided to try and see if there was a bite up shallow so I ran to the vineyards where I found surface temps of 56-57 degrees. there I was able to pick up 5 more fish on a small paddle style swimbait fishing it around buckbrush points. I moved on and went to graph some new spots. I was marking most of the bait fish in 10ft or less, suspended in the water column with the bass not far below. I got off the water at 2 pm and loaded the boat back up on the trailer. I ended the day with about 12-13 pounds for 5 fish. most of the bait was in 20-30ft to start the day and with the warmer weather they moved up and the bass moved with them. The lake is slowly rising and its looking like when spring comes there is going to be plenty of water for a great spawn. if you are interested in getting out on beautiful Lake Berryessa feel free to email me at or call me at (515)-689-0886 to book your trip today.

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