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Delta 03/11/2020

I was lucky enough to get out on the water this week while we had some nice weather, the fish were definitely up and moving around shallow, trying to get things done before more bad weather rolls in this weekend. I went to the same area as my last report and started sight fishing with a senko. I saw a lot of bucks and a few bigger fish cruising the shallows, nothing giant but some good 5-6 pound fish. I was able to pick off a few 2-3 pound fish on the senko but the big ones weren't having it, at least until I switched to a fluke. that subtle change made the big ones willing to eat. I was able to pick up 2 fish over 5 on the fluke, but just as I was starting to figure them out. slack tide hit and the cruisers disappeared and the ones I did see were not interested in anything but spawning. I found a couple of smaller fish on beds and was stoked to catch my first bed fish of 2020. I started punching the submerged hydrilla and it didn't take long for me to get bit. I was able to sack up a pretty decent bag over the next couple hours punching the inside grass line as the tide was rising. I ended the day with a little over 22 pounds for 5 fish. My big fish of the evening came punching weighing in at 5.98. I definitely saw some bigger fish cruising around but unfortunately they kicked my butt and wouldn't bite anything I was throwing at them. in conclusion, the first wave of fish are doing there thing right now. Water temps where I was fishing were between 62-64 degrees. the water is clear and makes it a lot easier for sight fishing but unfortunately if you can see them they can probably see you. your best bet is to back off and fan cast these spawning areas with something weightless and subtle to get those big bites. you may need to weed through the bucks but eventually you will get the bite your looking for. you can also come back to these areas at low light and try to pick off the bigger ones with top water frogs, wake baits, or swim baits. I hope everyone finds these beneficial, I really enjoy writing these reports and if anyone wants some more information feel free to hit me up on Instagram @livefastmovement or check out my website Unfortunately my boat is still down due to some motor issues and i'm unable to book any trips till it is up and running. But if your looking for a guide in the mean time go check out by buddy Austin Barker at he's a stick and will definitely get you on some fish. Till next time make today a good day, take someone new fishing and don't forget to live fast and catch bass.

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