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Clear Lake 06-02-2020

World Famous Clear Lake California never disappoints. The fish here seem to be on some kind of growth hormone and when they commit to biting they hit like a Mack truck. They don't call it the bass factory for anything. This Lake is by far the best bass fishing lake, I've ever had the pleasure of fishing, and I've fished Lake Fork in Texas, The Harris Chain, and Lake Okeechobee down in Florida, just to name a few. The Fish at Clear Lake grow fast and are very strong fish. So if you have never made it up to Clear Lake I highly recommend you plan a trip. This trip was just a quick day and a half trip for me. I started my drive at 10 AM and arrived a little afternoon. After a quick stop at Clear Lake Outdoors in Lakeport to get my boat inspection stickers, I was ready to hit the water. I met up with my buddy Nathan Sneed who I used to volunteer as his boater in a few of his club tournaments, and we were ready to hit the water. We ran to the central part of the lake first and fished some deep rocks and docks to start. It didn't take long before I was hooked up on the jig. The healthy 3 pounder it hit it on the fall initially as the bait was sinking to the bottom and had the lure choked. This fish was the first of many fish that would completely inhale my bait, be careful and try not to let these fish have your baits for too long because they are biting and trying to swallow it right away. Anyways I got my lure free without any harm to the fish and went back to it. Next thing I Know Nathan is hooked up and its another healthy 2 1/2 pound fish. We stayed on that spot for a little under an hour picking off a couple more fish on jigs and senkos as well as one on a glide bait before we moved to another set of deeper docks off a main-lake point. The water had good algae bloom giving it a bright green color but the fish were still chewing. I hooked up almost right away on a drop shot giving us 4 more 2-3 pound bass. Moving to another deep rock area I picked up another solid 3-pound jig fish, and Nathan caught a couple more Senko fish.

As the sun started going down we made a run north to the lake port side hoping to pick up a few topwater bites. We went to an area that has produced for me in the past this time of year, and the conditions were right on the money. With a little breeze picking up out of the north and making some chop on the water. We both picked up our whopper ploppers. It didn't take long before I got the first blow up, netting us a solid 2 pounder. then Nathan got destroyed by a good one while reeling it in we saw a huge wolf pack of more 4-6 pound bass chasing his fish in. I mean there had to of been 10+ fish following behind so I cast in behind his fish and a giant blew up but I missed it. It was a crazy couple of minutes but we couldn't get that wolf pack to come to take another shot. After Nathan got his 4 pounder in he was able to pick up another solid 2 pounder on his plopper, for some reason they liked his plopper better. It was slightly darker than mine and with the water a little stained that seemed to make a big difference. Then all of a sudden our wind died and with it the bite so we made a move to another spot.

It was dead calm here but we started with the Whopper ploppers again, the fish didn't seem to mind how calm it was because they were smashing my whopper plopper. nothing big but once again a healthy 2-pound bass. We got off the water at 9 PM and loaded the boat up. We ended the day with a little over 18 pounds for 5. The bite is good right now for numbers but the big ones were hard to come by for us. We got bit on Senkos, Drop shots, Topwater, and Jigs. all between 5-20 feet of water. I recommend fishing south or central when the sun is up high. fishing deeper points with rocks or docks. Then as the sun goes down moving north and fishing shallower with topwater, senkos, and drop shots. This only part 1 of 2 for fishing Clear Lake so stay tuned ill be posting another report soon on how my full day trip went.

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