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CA Delta 04-28-2020

I think we can all agree that it's time to open the lakes. As much as I love the delta I hate coming off the water with a thick layer of green algae covering my whole bottom side of my boat. It just adds insult to injury, especially if that particular day I got my butt kicked by the fish. On this trip thankfully, Catie and I had a pretty good day. We launched the boat at 12 pm and ran to our first and only spot of the day near Medford Island. My spots keep getting blown up by the infamous delta spray boats. It's very frustrating having to switch up areas due to herbicide being sprayed into the water on spawning fish 😡. Anyways, we started out sight fishing since the tide was on it's way out. We caught multiple fish including my girlfriends new personal best bass of 3.37 pounds 🤘. It was awesome to see her take what I've been teaching her and applying it to start catching some good sized bass.

I caught a few off beds nothing over 3 pounds but as we came up on a good looking cheese mat between some docks with some good depth underneath. I couldn't help but bust out the frog and give it a try. Within a handful of casts I had a monstrous blow up through a small hole in the mat and the fight was on. My 7'3 heavy Fitzgerald rod loaded up and my 65 pound p-line braid screeched on the guides. I knew she wasn't going to bust me off but with a giant like that hooked up it's always in the back of your mind. I got her up to the side of the boat and Catie was there with the net just like I taught her 🙌. the giant 8.50 pond bass barely fit in our net but we got her into the boat.

This time of year it's extremely important to take care of these big female bass. They need to be released as soon as possible as to not disturb their spawn, because whether or not you caught it off a bed sight fishing, that fish was probably on or near a bed when you were blind casting at it. Knowing this me and Catie let her recover in the live well for a couple of minutes then took some pics and a weight and got her right back in. Catches like that make the trip worth it and it really doesn't matter how the rest of the day goes 🤙 We continued to throw some weightless applications like flukes and senkos to catch a lot of small buck bass between 1-2 pounds. As the sun started to go down we busted out the top water rods again and caught a few more small one's on whopper ploppers, poppers and frogs, but nothing big. The tide had bottomed out so it was time to head in and load up. We ended the day with a little over 21 pounds for 5 fish not the biggest limit but definitely fun day with a lot of fun fish catches. The bite has been very hit or miss for me on the delta lately, which for me is actually a good thing. I like being able to show up to an area and if I'm not seeing any activity or action within a couple of minutes, moving on and eliminating that water. It just makes things a lot easier when you are looking for productive water. I'm also super glad the water temps are getting warmer around 69-70 degrees in most areas which should help the low light topwater bite. A lot of fish have spawned and are transitioning to post spawn which can be a tough bite but if you just stick it out and really take your time breaking down the area with activity you are fishing you should have no problem getting a few good ones to bite. I think I'm pretty tired of fishing the delta so it might be time for a change of scenery. Stay tuned for my next report. It should be a good one. Until next time keep on living fast and catching bass 🤘.


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