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CA Delta 04-11-2020

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It's Always fun getting out on the water with my buddy Joey, but when he straight up smashes all the big ones on the trip, you start to question why you take him out.🤣 We launched the boat around 10:30 am and started fishing right away. With the tide still falling and some water still moving we wanted to get a line wet as soon as possible and see if we could pick up a few before making our run into owl harbor. No doubt our first spot didn't disappoint I caught multiple small fish on a drop shot, the biggest weighing 2.33 I was fishing it with a watermelon red flake zoom trick worm and flipping it into and next to cover. Joey was throwing a senko around some docks and next to isolated grass clumps. He made a skip deep under a bridge with his senko, and about as text book as it gets his line jumps and he sets into a good one, I go for the net and after a few wraps around some bridge pilings and a lot of patience the fish finally found its way out and it into the net. A healthy 4 pounder and a great start to our day. That fish made me a believer in P-Line Fluorocarbon, if you could have seen the way that fish had his line wrapped. You would've bet he was done for, but his 15 pound P-line tactical got the job done.🤘

As the Tide slacked out we made our run into Owl Harbor. It was slow to start, with only a few small fish. kind of expected due to the tide being completely slack, but as the sun started going down and the wind picked up we started to get bit. I started throwing a green pumpkin homemade chatterbait while joey was throwing an underspin. We worked the wind blown tules hoping to run our baits over the top of a big one getting ready to lock onto a bed. I didn't get any fish on the chatterbait only short strikes but they were all over Joeys underspin. He made a cast on a secondary role point and bam gets destroyed buy a 4 pounder right by the boat. Then not even 5 minutes goes by and he's hooked up again. I resume my "Net Man" duties 😂 and do my best to get the 6 pound fish into the net. We knew right there that we might be on to something. So for the rest of the day until sundown we worked the wind blown tule islands with underspin's and flukes catching numbers of smaller 2-3 pound fish and losing a couple of bigger ones that definitely would of helped our limit. We ended the day with just over 20 pounds for five fish, and got off the water around 7:00pm. As much as I love catching big fish. I think its 10x more rewarding to put my friends and client's on big fish. There is something awesome we feel inside when we fool a big fish into biting our lures but there is an even better feeling when we put others on those same big fish. I hope everyone is staying safe and looking forward to all this being over. I know I'm looking forward to some of my favorite lakes being open again and fishing some places other than the delta. Not because the delta isn't kicking them out, but because I hate cleaning my boat after. 😂 it looks like someone just took a bucket green slime and smeared it all over everything. I mean I took my sock off the other day and some how got delta grass inside my socks 🙄😂 the stuff sticks to everything! Anyways to all that are struggling right now. Stay Strong and keep on keeping on and stay positive. All hard times pass and usually after the smoke clears we appreciate the hard times for what we learned from them. So until next time remember to take a friend fishing and Live Fast and Catch bass.

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