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05-27-2020 Lake Berryessa Night Trip #3

Another Evening session in the books. I've been putting in a lot of work out on the water recently trying my best to find those lake Berryessa Brutes but they have been yet again elusive. If you happen to be looking for the Big Cats though, I'm the guide for you. This night I decided to run some new water looking for a different bite or maybe an up size in fish. I started down south in Ski School at 6 pm throwing Jerkbaits, jigs and glide baits with only a couple of small bites that came on the Jerkbait, I also had one good follower on the glide bait. After about an hour I made a run north to try to replicate my last time out with the low light Chatterbait bite. I started in the cove working my way out to the point picking up a few small fish on a fluke near the surface over 10-15 feet. With the sun tucking down below the hills and the light failing I picked up the Chatterbait and went to work on the point. Once again the fish were still there, I hooked up almost immediately and it pulled loose, I made the same cast again and got bit again but this time I missed it, as it was falling I got smoked again and pulled in a solid 3 pounder. Made the same cast over and over again pulling in fish after fish between 1-3 pounds. I think I'm on the right bite with my Chatterbait bite, it just comes down to putting my bait in front of those big fish. That point bite lasted about 45 minutes then died. I knew as long as the moon was still up I should be able to get bit. So I moved around to different main lake points looking to replicate the bite and I picked up a lot of smallies and spots on the rocky points. When the point had some grass or buck brush on it I would run into more largemouth. At about 11 pm I made a long cast on one of my last spots of the night and got straight up annihilated, it felt like I got hit by truck. I set and thought I had the biggest bass of my life only to be disappointed by seeing the gray and yellow flash of a massive catfish. These Fish are moving into spawn this time of year so don't be surprised if you run into a few of these suckers while your out on the water. Also try to be selective of harvesting them, make sure you're not going to kill one full of eggs like mine. After getting it in the boat, unhooked and back into the water I made my way a little further down the bank and got hit again by something that felt huge. Since I had just caught one I knew almost immediately it was another giant Cat. Just like the last one it had my Chatterbait choked and it was a royal pain getting unhooked and back into the water.

I finished out the night hitting a couple of more points catching more small bass. I plan on switching things up soon and hitting the lake for a morning session soon. Hopefully I find a bite a little better soon. The Conditions were about the same as my last trip out, The Moon was around 15% full and went down around midnight. The air temp was warm triple digits dropping to about 70 degrees by the time I got off the water. There was a breeze out of the SSW at 5-10 most of the night. The water temp has been rising quick with temps around 80 in most areas. I'm Going to start looking for a deep bite soon, Hopefully I can find the big ones on a jig or a deep crank potentially. Until next time keep on Living Fast and Catching Bass.

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