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04-24-2020 CA Delta

The Delta has been tough lately. Speaking for myself of course but it has been a grind to get five quality bites a day. With increased fishing pressure and more fish transitioning into a post spawn funk, the struggle has been real. With all that in mind I decided to hit the north delta and see if I could get on a frog bite. I launched at Wimpy's at 0630 and started fishing the meadows first thing. I started out throwing a black snag proof popping fatty, working it slow next to fallen trees and other cover. The tide was on it's way out and the fish were positioned on the outer edge of the cover. It didn't take long to pick up a 4 pounder and a 3 pounder back to back to start the day off strong. I switched it up for a little bit throwing a fluke and a senko only to get a couple of small ones, and I mean SMALL ones. These fish were only about 4 inches long and probably born in February😂. So with the sun starting to get higher over head I decided to move to the duckweed and cheese mats.

I worked multiple duckweed spots around Snodgrass slough and was able to pick up 10 more fish throughout the day on the frog. With the biggest being a little over 3 pounds and the rest being cookie cutter 2 pounders. I really can't complain though, a frog bite is a frog bite and when they're eating it through the mat it doesn't get much more fun. Any "blow up" or "slurp" could be your new personal best. One of my fishing goals for this year is to catch a 10 pounder on a frog so you best believe I am going to be hitting it hard searching for that giant bite🤘. I got off the water around 2 pm with a little over 16 pounds for 5 fish.

The water temps are climbing with all the hot weather and should make the frog bite better. Highest temp I saw up in the shallows was 72 degrees and the lowest was first thing in the morning at 69.5 degrees. Another thing I use as a rule of thumb this time of year since I love frog fishing so much is when I start seeing the carp rolling and spawning up shallow it's time to bust out the frog🐸.The weather has been very warm lately and the the fish are in all stages of the spawn. I'm seeing more and more spawned out fish so the transition is happening. I plan on putting in some work this week to try to find a whopper plopper bite but we shall see. Until next time keep on living fast and catching bass.

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